Thursday 9 March 2017

Beekyr Reloaded. DEV LOG#18: Leaderboards

Update #18
Adding leaderboards
We've been very busy but here they are our cool leadeboards.

We took as reference our Vortex Attack style to later adept it to the needs of Beekyr Reloaded.

Vortex Attack (2015)

Then it was moment to improve it, only 15 positions was no good for this. We wanted to show top 10, your score and near scores, and all time hi-scores in the élite mode (old madness).

We wanted to display the players country (or at least a flag) and that not be automatic, some people like to represent the country they don't live in.
We also wanted to display the date, level and played difficulty.

Also we wanted to add an extra field, played ship, they are all secret except the basic one, this will make people look for them. Or at least that's what we think it should happen.

Once we fixed they layout it looked like this:

Beekyr Reloaded Leaderboards

We're happy with it Smiley

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