Tuesday 7 April 2015

Goodbye iOS

I'm posting what I wrote originally in TouchArcade forums a couple of weeks ago:

This is why we quitted as iOS developer.

Hello guys,

Thanks for the feedback here, it was exciting improving Beekyr for you guys.
We fixed every one of the bugs people told us.

After 10 months we have some news:

Good news:
We have made a really crazy shmup called Vortex Attack. We really hope you like it. It's going to steam in a few days.

Bad news:
Sadly our iOS games are completely hidden between so many crappy apps plus ratings weren't that good: Apple iOS users weren't that keen on Beekyr despite being a pretty cool title.

Crazy enough, we released the same apps in Android, but they are doing very well!

All apps in Android have 4+ stars while iOS ratings are very poor, it doesn't make sense to us and we don't want to start analysing why but the apps are exactly the same. We just want to make entertaining games...
On top of that, we also have to pay for a yearly iOS 100USD license and we will be making a loss for sure. It's pointless spending more time and money with iOS.
  Also with every update we submitted was a total nightmare: provisional profiles failed sometimes. They worked after trying to compile several times (notice we kept pressing the compile button, and testing till worked, we weren't actually changing the code or settings... This, in the digital world, this doesn't make sense... We wasted too many days because this.
So, all of that ended to the point that was very clear: Apple style wasn't for us and we have to move away from iOS development, we are sorry, we don't have a choice. 
But hey, if you have a PC (and maybe OSX and Android) check our title, I think if you are into shmups you will REALLY like this one.
Since these forums are focused in iOS , we have to say goodbye,at least for a few years,

Nice to speak to all of your guys. Take care! 

But nobody answered... What do you think?