Thursday, 17 October 2013

Our first game is out: Beekyr

We Kaleidogames are new but we want to make good quality games, that's why we made: Beekyr.

Beekyr took us 8 months of very hard work. In fact, we took about 4 months to build the game and the engine. The other 4 months were used in polishing the game. We are all very happy...


Beekyr is a shoot'em up game with no cinematics or a complex story. Just well polished gameplay and addictive levels.  You don't need more than 1 finger in touchscreens or 2 buttons (in gamepads).

We really hope you like it, if you get it now, you will the next future features for FREE using updates:

  1.  gamepad support.
  2.  reward system
  3.  world wide hi-scores system 
  4.  in-game combos 
  5.  googleTV  &  OUYA support.

Stay tuned!

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